St Philip's AODS & Junior Workshop

History of the Society

One of the most successful and longest established societies which has been presenting musicals and play for over 90 years.

The group was formed in 1925 with its first production The King of Sherwood in 1927 with shows being performed every year since with just a brief pause in light of World War II in1939.

In 1991 St Philips extended further by launching St Philips Junior Workshop.

The Junior productions have been highly successful with a number of members progressing into professional theatre.

However in January this year the cherished society became yet another group to face uncertainty as it was announced that their home was to be sold.

Despite the loss of its home the future of St Philips AODS and Junior Workshop is far from over. The society has picked themselves up dusted themselves down and found a new rehearsal and performance venue in the centre of Bolton and is extremely hopeful for the future.

We have had New Beginnings Part 1 already in the new venue with the Junior Workshop presenting the two One ACT plays which were entered into Greater Manchester One Act Drama Festival in June and accompanied with music and song.

Now it’s the turn of St Philips AODS  at the new venue with New Beginnings Part II

St Philips look forward to many future productions and welcome any new members

Juniors and Seniors alike.

Anyone interested please contact Mina Kirkbright on 07712673957