About us

Welcome to our new website.

We hope this site will become your go-to place for amateur theatre in Bolton; here you will find information on upcoming performances, performing groups and venues.

As you will see from the 'What's On' page, theatre in Bolton is a big deal. In fact, Bolton is the envy of many towns as it has the largest amateur theatre network in the UK.

This can sometimes pose problems with congestion and clashing of dates. At any given time, the people of Bolton can see a show, play, listen to a choir or an orchestra and even once a year attend a grand opera.

All this activity has to be monitored very carefully, dates are discussed and put forward at meetings so as not to clash and requests for shows are given to the 'Forward Planner' as far as two years ahead in some cases to avoid fruitless requests being put to copyright holders.
To put on a show or production, licenses must be granted within the two years, but BATS members do not repeat within the year or try to muscle in earlier with the same show which has been granted a year later.

This is one of the main functions of BATS and by working together we can ensure that the people of Bolton have continuous entertainment without any repeats.